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About Us

We are a group of agriculture and science graduates united together to study basic problems of farmers and farming community. After our systematic study, we came with solutions to the problems faced by the farmers. We learnt a lesson to use of simple Information and communication technology system in agriculture” called use of “ICT” to get higher yields and income from the available land in a specific area. It’s a unique “one stop e-commerce agriculture platform for conventional and High-Tec agriculture”.  This suits very well to Agriculture based countries and world as a whole where use “ICT” is a common phenomenon to do agriculture. As per the studies maximum population is using “ICT” technology as a base, to do agriculture in the world to increase the production and productivity of agriculture and provide the food security to the world population.


Mr. Suresh Muttappa Yadav, founder of ”SYGMATIC AGRICULTURE HUB LLP” acting as a “Chairman and Managing Director(CMD)” to this company, being a senior agriculture professional, having post graduation degree in Agriculture, from reputed Agriculture University named ”University of Agriculture Sciences, Dharwad”, Karnataka, India, during 1999. Immediately after completion of post graduation, joined to Banking sector and worked satisfactorily for 11 years in the post as “Agriculture Field Officer” in Indian Nationalized Bank named “CORPORATION BANK” at Gulburga Karnataka. Since after this joined and worked as “Area Manager” in Spandana microfinance” NGO, Basavakalyan, Bidar district, Karnataka, then joined to KSSCA as ”Seed certification officer” Bellary Karnataka, and as “Cane Development Officer” in "NSL Sugars” Sirguppa Bellary, more fully worked as “Senior Seed development officer” in ”marico ltd”, Bidar Karnataka and worked as “Assistant professor” in aided government college named ”Janapada Foklore university”, regional office Bidar Karnataka, Hence having totally 18 years of experience in different Agriculture industries. With this vast experience decided to simplify the things to farming community, to get higher yields by adopting updated today’s online marketing technology.

Mrs. Gayatri Suresh Yadav is acting as “Voice Chairman (VC)” to this esteemed Agricultural Company named”SYGMATIC AGRICULTURE HUB LLP”. She is having theoretical and practical knowledge about Agriculture since from beginning. She’s working with this company and handling the responsible position with full energy and enthusiasm for the development of “SYGMATIC AGRICULTURE HUB LLP” company and to support farmers and farming community as a whole.


There are two company founders namely 1.Suresh Muttappa Yadav and 2.Gayatri Suresh Yadav. The both founders made an idea, and opened a social network page on Facebook during September 2015, with a name called “VIKAS AGRICULTURE HUB”, now changed to “SYGMATIC AGRICULTURE HUB LLP”. During the period we received lot of good agriculture related responses from the members from all over the world. As we are agriculture and science professionals, made an attempt to open Agriculture Company named “SYGMATIC AGRICULTURE HUB LLP”. We were able to learn lot many things during this period and had a very good experience and exposure to recent agriculture technological trends. We are in kind enough to take out solutions to many agricultural problems faced by the farmers.


Agriculture is nothing but integration of many agricultural activities to grow crops like, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fruit crops, vegetables etc. and do allied activities like dairy, poultry, fishery etc. but this is the hardship to know that, farmer cannot get all required information and materials in a single platform. Hence farmer will become handicapped to carry their agriculture developmental activities. The same situation I came across and explained in detail as below.

If a farmer want to grow a selected crops in their land means, they have to make all preparations pertaining to that crop, well in advance and make availability of all required materials since from purchase of sowing of seed, to harvesting of crop, even some time they have to make an arrangement up to marketing of that grown crops from their field to send, up to market yard to market their grown produce.

In such situations a farmer has to visit many shops, many times to make available of their all needy materials like ploughing items like purchase of plough, harrow, other cultural items like, sickatures, weeding sickles, paddlers, ridgers and furrow making items, inputs like seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides, pump sets, electrical items, pvc pipes, drip irrigation materials, sprinkler irrigation materials,, weeding materials, sprayers, dusters, power sprayers, and many more items as per his situational requirements.

In other words, If a farmer is rearing livestock’s like cow's, buffalo’s, sheep’s, goat’s, poultry birds, fish farming, rabbit farming, rearing of sericulture warms, piggery, mushroom cultivation, honey bee rearing etc. in their place means, farmers has to visit many shops to purchase their needy items like, purchase of food, feed, grass chopper machines, medicine for livestock, purchase of milking machines, milking utensils, fencing items, roofing materials, water tanks etc to make their agriculture activity into success.

So to carry their agriculture and allied activities in their field means they have to visit many shops at different periods depends upon their requirements. This type of work, struggle and efforts has to be done by a respective farmer to grow their crops and to maintain their animals in their farm, in time to get good and higher income from respective adopted agricultural activities.

Meanwhile a farmer will necessarily visit many shops to purchase their required items to grow crops or rear animals, so by this situation, farmers will lose lot of money, strength and patience. As per our knowledge, in most of the time a farmer will not get proper guidance and advice to go ahead to do their agricultural activities. This is because a farmer is not getting enough and proper certified agriculture advisors/consultants in the market.

As per our practical knowledge and experience, in most cases and some time, some farmers do not know how to grow different types of crops systematically. This indicates most of the farmers are not aware about the products where they are available, which company is manufacturing these products for use in agriculture sector, what type of product it is, how exactly it works, how many companies are manufacturing such same type products and where they are available in the market, product available range, what is the rate of that products, difference in quality and quantity of products by companies, what products are manufactured locally or nearby, what new technology is arrived in the market, what are its futures, who will give full guidance about the products and services, where consultants are available, who will prepare agriculture and allied activity projects nearby etc. these things are not known to the farmers, hence in most of the cases farmers are under confusion that, what to do and what not to do. This type of situation is facing by the farmers in many of the countries and states. So is the situation became a big question mark now a day’s.

To rectify this situation, we decided to bring all types of Agricultural and allied activity products and services offered, manufactured by different companies/institutions etc. into a single platform. Hence the idea has been implemented and allowed all product manufacturers and service providers are to come together to give advertisements on this website with free of cost for 3 months (trail period), called online agriculture and allied activity store.

If so is the situation created then, a farmer by seeing these advertisements, one can purchase products and services directly through manufacturers and service providers with reasonable rate, agreeing with all the terms and conditions laid down by the respective product manufacturer or service providers. We act as mediator between range of buyer and seller of agriculture and allied activity manufacturer and service providers. Hence we came into existence through adopting digital marketing scenario for need of the hour and situation to increase the productivity of the individual farmer, nation and world as a whole. By this a farmer can reduce his lot of time, money and energy.


  1. To integrate agriculture and allied activity groups in a single platform like agriculture companies, input suppliers, dealers, distributors, merchants, vendors, importers, exporters, farmers, scientists, researchers, teachers, lecturers, students, private and government institutions, agriculture skilled and non skilled labors, individuals, customers, supporters, advertisers, ads giving agents, browsers, etc. to get required materials and information to increase the yield and productivity of the farm.
  2. To help and use simple digital technology to increase sales
  3. To provide a place to help “buyer can buy and sellers can sell” the agriculture and allied activity products and services nearby or worldwide
  4. To provide a place to upload videos, images and write detailed description of products and services advertised for sale or offering for rent
  5. To make special identity of advertisers in the market place throughout the world
  6. To help to reach maximum clients in shortest period of time
  7. Making exposure and adaption of new digital technology that is, use of online marketing trend in agriculture business
  8. To help in reduction of unnecessary costs and expenditure
  9. To increase the sales and services of different agriculture products
  10. To help clients to contact directly to product manufacturers and service providers, to book products orders through phone call or through mail or through SMS, which you have provided on this platform at the time of uploading your products on this platform.
  11. To help every agriculture and allied activity product manufacturing companies to use this e-commerce website for advertisement and dispatch of their physical products to the clients
  12. To provide a platform to advertise B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses
  13. Now there is no need to open separate independent e-commerce website by every small or big agriculture companies or by individuals etc. who involved in agriculture activities (This will reduces lot investment and management costs of the companies etc.)
  14. To help famers to increase agriculture production and supporting food security of India and world as whole


Online or digital marketing system is taking boom through adopting this e-commerce or web marketing system. This system is becoming very popular among the farming community and making farmers impossible dream into possible. It’s a well planned future generation structure developed and started using of this simple system tremendously across the world.

It’s a beginning; Adoption of online marketing system to sale and purchase of Agriculture products, through online system is the need of the hour. It’s a very easy and simple system to make marketing of your own products by sitting in any corner of the world. Any company/institution/consultants/ input supplier/farmer/individual etc. can become online e-commerce store. It’s very simple; you simply upload your product details along with videos and images on this online platform from your end. Some time we can upload your products by taking your consent.

Hence you clients directly involve  in buying and selling of agriculture and allied activity or renting of your products and services near you or to any customers who makes an order or contact directly to you for supply of any products and services from you, through phone or through mail or through SMS or by any means.

Any agriculture service providers like Consultants, scientists, venders, input suppliers, and who involved in manufacturing and supply of agriculture and allied activity products can make their advertisements on this website to make their identity and reach maximum targeted customers to improve their respective business in a shortest period of time.


It’s a physical shop in which we keep Agriculture and allied activity products and services. You can purchase your needy available agriculture products from our physical shop by visiting our store at any your convenient time. These available physical agriculture products, we upload on offline menu which is available on this site to become convenience to our all esteemed customers. You can check the availability of products and services by visiting our site and after confirmation; you can book your orders through phone call or through mail or through SMS or through any convenient mode. We will dispatch these orders after getting your respective credits amount to our account through any online mode or by cash.